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Google VS. Bing

Google Ads VS. Bing Ads

You’re probably more familiar with Google Adwords which is the most common platform. Whenever a user runs a search, AdWords determines which ads to show to them based on your keyword Quality Score and Bid. You may be surprised to know that all of these concepts are the same for Bing Ads.

Cost Per Click (CPC) and average position

In looking at several accounts on the two platforms, the average position was about 35% higher in Bing. Your ads may show in better positions on Bing, but at what cost?  We have seen that the cost-per-click is actually lower in Bing than AdWords. Better positioning and a lower cost per click makes Bing a little more appealing for the budget conscious advertiser.

click through rate (CTR)

CTR is a key factor in determining whether your ads are effective or not. The higher CTR, the greater response your ads are receiving (being clicked on). In a test that we ran, we saw click-through-rates 32% higher on Bing over AdWords. Ad formats and campaign types vary slightly across the two platforms, which may be a contributing factor here.

conversion rate and cost per ACQUISITION (cpa)

What good is a paid search campaign if it does not drive results and bring you leads? This can differ based on seasonality, industry, and other variables. According to our sample, Bing had a 1% lower conversion rate. The average CPA is 15% cheaper than Bing Ads, so you may pay less for the same lead in Google. The reason this being is because Google own over 80% of the market share, compared to Bing, so your ad is more likely to be seen more often on Google, than on Bing. 

Our advice

Depending what your monthly advertising budget is, allocate most of your budget to be used on Google and a small portion of your budget to be used on Bing. By doing this, you will cover the majority of the search network, so you can be sure your ads are seen in the right place at the right time. Contact us for your free consultation to learn what we can do for your business to generate you a higher return on investment.