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The Power of PPC


The power of PPC was apparent right from the start. Unlike anything else, PPC ads allowed companies to get in front of people searching AOL and Lycos for words and phrases representing their potential clients. Best of all, with the PPC model, companies only paid a fee if the searcher read their ad and clicked to visit their website. The affordability and targeted reach of PPC advertising single handedly built their client base from the ground up, driving traffic and clients that would have never known about company otherwise. PPC search engine ads enable advertisers to directly target users based on location and the keywords they’ve searched for. The ads are displayed at the top and bottom of the search results, and, if you opt for the cost per click bid strategy option, you only pay when the ad is clicked upon.

The value of ppc

By having a combination of display and search ads marketing your services and brand, the diversity and relatively low cost make PPC a valuable part of your digital marketing strategy.

Using search engine ads and display ads together can help you get more conversions and qualified leads because you are targeting prospects from multiple angles, while spreading awareness about your community. Along with other digital best practices, including both types of ads within your marketing mix can only help increase occupancy and improve ROI.